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Each Piece of Jewelry Comes with a Unique, Numbered, String Verification Form

Jewelry Made with Gregg Allman's Played Strings


5/28/17: We are broken-hearted over the loss of our dear friend Gregg Allman. Should you choose to purchase an item made with his played strings, we ask for your patience with our delivery time-line as demand is high, and each is made to order. 

If you receive an order confirmation, your order is guaranteed and strings will be set aside for your selected item(s).  As strings of various sizes run out, we will mark the particular designs requiring those as SOLD OUT.             - PIFD      


Please also note that we will be reserving several of Gregg's strings for use in donation pieces to benefit the Allman Brothers Band Big House Museum in Macon, GA, and several other charities through their annual auctions.

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