Susan Tedeschi Trucks String "MUSIC LOVIN MOM" Pick w/Crystal

Amazing Mother's Day (or anyday) gift to the Music Lovin' Mama in your life! (Or, for yourself!)

A guitar string actually PLAYED by Susan Tedeschi Trucks, embelished with sterling silver beads and a Swarovski crystal, hangs with a Sterling Silver Guitar Pick, hand-stamped with MUSIC LOVIN MOM.

Numbered verification of Susan's played string, included.

Select chain or cord. 18" 1.15mm chain or Black Adjustable Cord included. Heavier and longer chains available.

Susan Tedeschi Trucks String "MUSIC LOVIN MOM" Pick w/Crystal

  • Jewelry is hand-crafted in our US studio. Slight variations are part of the charm and uniqueness of our wearable art. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, although most items will ship sooner. International orders: please add 1 week. If you have a delivery deadline, please inform us through our CONTACT page. We can generally rush an order and Express ship to meet your needs.

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