One-of-a-Kind "SPLASH" Agate w/Gregg Allman's String #1A

This may well be the most stunning agate we have found yet!

We call this one SPLASH, as it looks so much like waves and sea spray on the beach.


It hangs on a guitar string PLAYED by Gregg Allman!


Both sides are equally stunning and be turned to face either way.


Amazing, One-of-a-Kind conversation piece!


Mother Nature's magnificent work! ALL NATURAL colors. 


Our agates and embelishments are hung "free-floating" so that you can turn the agate to either side, as both have unique and beautiful natural designs.


Numbered Verification Card for Gregg's string, included.


Comes on an 18" Sterling Silver Chain. If you prefer a longer chain, we will upgrade it at no charge. Just contact us after purchasing.


One-of-a-Kind "SPLASH" Agate w/Gregg Allman's String #1A

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