Gregg Allman's played guitar strings necklaces and bracelets for men and women Allman Brothers Band

An acoustic guitar string that Gregg Allman used to playe "Midnight Rider" and "Melissa" with, hangs in front of this cool agate, in natural browns, creams and black.his cool, long agate


Both sides are equally stunning and be turned to face front; on in lighter shades.


Amazing, one-of-a-kind conversation piece!


Mother Nature's magnificent work! ALL NATURAL colors. 


Our agates and embelishments are hung "free-floating" so that you can turn the agate to either side, as both have unique and beautiful natural designs.


Numbered Verification Card for Gregg's string, included.


Choose short or long sterling silver chain, or long adjustable turquois suede cord, to wear many ways. We will cover the cost of any chain upgrade.


Large One-of-a-Kind Agate w/Gregg Allman's Midnight Rider String #6

  • Jewelry is hand-crafted in our US studio. Slight variations are part of the charm and uniqueness of our wearable art. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, although most items will ship sooner. International orders: please add 1 week. If you have a delivery deadline, please inform us through our CONTACT page. We can generally rush an order and Express ship to meet your needs.

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